Home stay approved by the Karnataka Department of Tourism, Government of India vide order no. CHS-029/09-10 dated May 4, 2010.

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Travelers are welcome to enjoy the legendary hospitality of the Aranhas in this exotic guest-house/cosy homestay in the town of Handi in the Chikmagalur Taluk. Here one can experience the luxuriant landscape of Chikmagalur. The best season to enjoy this wonderful guest-house in Chikmagalur is in the monsoon, where gentle hills, coffee plantations, bubbling brooks and impromptu waterfalls all come alive.

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‘The Hidden valley’ – an exciting guest-house in Chikmagalur has been certified by the Karnataka Department of Tourism, Government of India.It is an exciting location with the promise of comfort and adventure that will make your holiday exciting and rejuvenating at the same time. These soothing vistas of coffee plantations at The Hidden Valley and the fragrance of fresh coffee beans will surely linger in your memory long after you have left the holiday home behind at Chikmagalur.

Welcome to The Hidden Valley Homestay at Chikmagalur

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Tucked in the lap of nature, is the exciting destination of‘The Hidden Valley’ in Chikmagalur. This exclusive home stay at Chikmagalur is one of the most exciting weekend-outing destination within a close proximity of Bangalore, where one can visit to relax, unwind and rejuvenate over the weekend. The Hidden Valley offers a very serene, peaceful stay for travelers who are keen to spend a few days amidst the lush green environment far away from the hussle and commotion of their city-life

A drive of 4 and half hours from Bangalore, will take you to the wonderful retreat of ‘The Hidden Valley’, a lovely home-stay by the Aranha Homes. This is an aesthetically designed, fully-furnished homestay in Chikmagalur that offers travellers with excitement as well as the serenity in a wonderful location. It offers its guest a sojourn into the wilderness while providing the comfort of their homes, thus providing appropriatenourishment to their soul and senses.

‘The Hidden Valley’ is an excellent homestay that offers travellers with the serenity and comfort of their home in the exotic location of Chikmagalur. This exquisite guest-house provides an ample of activities for the travelers who seek excitement.The various activities in the home-stay of ‘The Hidden Valley’ includes boat-rides on their very own mini-lake, guided plantation tour, target shooting, bird watching, badminton, indoor board games and trekking at Devi Gudda. Travelers can also enjoy the farm-life, as there are a number of ducks, rabbits, turkeys, and country chicken in this wonderful property. This home-stay is surrounded by 30 acres of coffee estate.

Within a close proximity from ‘The Hidden Valley’ is the thrilling excitement of white water rafting in the river Bhadra, between Magundi and Balehole – which is a must-do for guests to like adventure sports. Guests can also try out various water sports organized at Yagachi Dam, near Belur. Alongside, they can visit the Shankar Falls, which is only 12 kms away from the home stay. They can also go on tours to various nearby attractions. There are also suggestive travel plans which is either half- a-day or a whole day sightseeing from The Hidden Valley.

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Once the capital city of the Hoysala, Belur is home to the Chennakesava.

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Halebeedu, before it became Halebeedu or the destroyed city, was the second

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Atop the Vindhyagiri hill stands Asia's tallest monolithic statue and yet,

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Mulliyana Giri

The highest peak between the Himalayas and the Nilgiris, Mulliyanagiri

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Bhadra (Muthodi)

The sanctuary takes its name from the Bhadra River, its lifeline. Popularly

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It is believed that this town was named after Rishyashringa, who figures in the..

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Resorts in Chikmagalur

Find serenity and peace at the unlikeliest place in the world. There are places in this world that can cause awe and surprise. They are extraordinary because they are beautiful, calm and serene and yet they have remained hidden in plain sight. You might have heard of these places but never imagined them to be so beautiful or perfect.

Best Homestay at Chikmagalur

It’s peaceful out here. Silence abounds except for a cooing call of a pigeon or a chittering of a sparrow. Acknowledged as the best homestay at Chikmagalur, Hidden Valley is a haven for those who crave peace.You could occupy yourself thus, count the stars, laze around in the weak sun, relax on the hammock or go for a swim. Those who love to fish are sure to get lucky here.
What will you get here?
Hospitality at its best. Beautiful views. Green vista. Good food. Anything else you need, we are just a call away. We are known as one of the best resorts near Chikmagalur. It’s an acknowledgement of good hospitality and an yearning to please our patrons.

Why are we ranked high among the resorts in Chikmagalur?

There are many reasons why our patrons love us. For one thing, we are really a ‘hidden valley’ which gives our guests privacy that they crave. There are no jostling crowds or gawking strangers at our resort . It’s quiet, serene and calm. We believe that hospitality is much more than propping a welcome sign and opening the doors. We earned the tag name of being the best homestay at Chikmagalur by creating a home-like atmosphere – with simple delicious food and warmth of hospitality.

The vista of Hidden Valley is yet another reason. The beautiful coffee estate that surrounds the resort makes the air crisp and clear. Mornings are beautiful here. And yes, you can literally smell the coffee in the air. Leisure is precious – an adage that is proved by many of our patrons. The choice to rest your bones sans any activity is indeed a blessing. That’s why we have hammocks tied under our trees. Curl up in any one of them. The mild sun, crisp mountain air and an interesting book to read.

If you have had enough of leisure, we do have activities that you could indulge in to while away the time. If you love fishing, then you would find Hidden Valley an ideal spot to indulge in. Many of our patrons love to walk. There are many trekking trails here for you to roam around. Want to do a spot of shopping at the nearby town. We would be happy to arrange transportation. There are many tourist spots to check out in the nearby towns and a sight-seeing tour can be easily arranged for a day.

How about a private mini lake? How cool is that? Well, that’s another reason why we are at the top of the best resorts in Chikmagalur. Swim, splash around, play with the ducks or fish in our own private mini lake. Trust us, there is nothing like watching the blue skies while lounging in the waters of our pristine lake. If you have had enough of the outdoors, we have a few things inside. A plethora of indoor games. Badminton, chess, carrom, a pack of cards or monopoly. Imagine hot tea with snacks while you beat your friends in a friendly game of poker. Ideal much? We thought so.

Hidden Valley offers much more than a pair of comfortable rooms. It gives a glimpse of a country amidst much comfort. Ducks, chickens, sparrows, fish…. Nature at it best. Bountiful food that caters to simple tastes. Flowers, plantations and a chance to experience beautiful monsoon.

We are proud of the fact that we have been a haven for many of our patrons seeking solace, comfort, quiet and calm. Some come to gather their thoughts, some to experience solitude, some to explore companionship & sweet nothings, some to write books, some burst into poetry, some into action, some like to sit quiet and no nothing. No matter what you wish to do, you will find Hidden Valley to your liking. We are after all one of the best homestays in Chikmagalur.